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Updated Novenber 26th.

This page will soon be featuring strategy, battle reports and updates for the L5R miniatures game Clan War. It will focus on the Crab Clan of course!

Upcoming releases for this game include the Crab Clan Oni and the Void Dragon. When I looked further into the stats for the Void Dragon, I found errata already issued for spending void points on an extra attack no longer applicable. This appears to make the Fire Dragon the best choice in terms of offensive game power. Current Clan War errata can be found at the following link.

Clan War Errata

I an going to start working on a unit of the Damned for my Crab Clan army. Hida Amoro looks like a good choice to lead, adding frenzy to this unit. The troops in this unit are relatively inexpensive as well.

Below is the Emperor Hantei. It was released as a mail order promo in Inquest magazine in February. This figurine is already hard to find and sought after.

A new boxed set is now available for the Scorpion clan. It includes Bayushi Togai and twelve house guard. New Clan War rules for Ninja are included in the rules set. Flash pots and smoke screens, this wacky army has all the dirty tricks you expect from the lowly Scorpion. The lowly (yet lovely) Bayushi Kachiko is supposed to be released some time in December.

Ok, I finally got my unit of the Damned primered up. I want an army with a bit of nastiness, the Crab Oni being released in early December should be a fine addition to my forces. I'll be posting a sample army list soon.

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