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Create Water

Clan: All
Ring: Water
Casting: 3 Actions
Duration: Permanent
TN: 10
Mastery: 3
Raise: CT, +1, m3
Material: A vial of water
The Shugenja may create 1m3 (+1m3) of water permanently but must spend a void point

Missile of the Blessing God

Clan: Dragon
Ring: Void
Casting: 1 Action
Duration: Instant
TN: 10
Mastery: 4
Raise: +1k0, +1 Missile
Material: A small arrow
(destroyed at the end of spell)
The Shugeja may hurl a missile of 1k1 damage against opponents (like an energy bolt).

Boost of the Living

Clan: Falcon
Ring: Air
Casting: 3 Actions
Duration: 3 Rounds
TN: 25
Mastery: 7
Raise: +1 TN, +1 Round
Material: A blessing item
(Retain at end of spell)
The Shugenja creates a fog-like state an area of 10m X10m.

Acid Bolt of the Phoenix

Clan: Phoenix
Ring: Air
Casting: 3 Actions
Duration: Instant
TN: 35
Mastery: 6
Raise: +10m, CT
Material: A small vial of acid
The hand of the Shugenja throws a small missile of pure acid doing 2k2 damage.

Twin Song of God

Clan: Phoenix
Ring: Air
Casting Time: 3 Actions
Duration: Instant
TN: 25
Mastery: 7
Raise: CT (Casting time)
Material: Small mirror
After casting this spell, the Shugenja's next spell will be cast twice.

Leather to Metal

Clan: Crab
Ring: Earth
Casting Time: 1 Action
Duration: 2 rounds per rank school
TN: 20
Mastery Level: 4
Raise: Round per rank, armor value +1
Material: A small piece of leather
The Shugenja transforms leather into heavy armor TN +10 to hit but with no penalty to his TN when attacking.

Text contributed by,
Pierre-luc Dureau

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