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Hida Kobai        Iron Legion Commander

Earth           4
Water          3  
Fire              3  Intelligence 4 
Air                4
Attacking   2K2
Damage     3K2
TN to hit     25  
Armor         5

Weapon Die Tsuchi  (War Hammer),  Tessen

A cousin of Hitomi Kobai, he married into the Kirin family
in a politically arranged marriage. He has travelled extensively
in the northern provinces and was chosen for this knowledge in
planning the Morikage raid. He has many tattoos on his forearms,
or are those the mark of the Ninja tong?

Hida Fusoware Iron Legion Senior Officer, Tactician Earth 3 Willpower 4 Water 3 Fire 2 Air 2 Attacking 3K2 Damage 3K2 TN to hit 15 Armor 5 Weapon Katana Married to Hida Kirin's niece in a traditional arranged Rokugani marriage, he prefers the company of geisha consorts. He covets the command of the legion, not out of jealousy but lust for power and status. Besides, loyalty is for fools. His bitter rivalry with Hida Makotare will culminate in a deadly duel.

Hida Makotare Iron Legion Officer Earth 3 Water 2 Perception 4 Fire 4 Air 4 Attacking 3K3 Damage 3K3 TN to hit 25 Armor 5 Weapon No-Dachi Having 'pillowed' with Hida Fusoware's neglected wife has earned him considerable enmity. He is a dashing character who has had many dalliances with the young ladies of Rokugan. Otherwise found in the thick of battle, Makotare has risen to prominence with his gallantry and courage.

Hida Nambu Commander of the Nambu Tigers Earth 4 Water 3 Fire 4 Air 3 Attacking 3K2 Damage 3K2 TN to hit 20 Armor 5 Weapons Katana, brace of Pistols An expert shot, he wears a brace of pistols across his chest. He is equally skilled in the arts of kenjutsu. A hero of many campaigns, he is a man of pure virtue and loyalty. He has had many quarrels with Hida Fusoware on the Morikage mission, primarily due to their conflicting values. He views Hida Makotare as a contemptable ass, and considers his romantic indiscretions as revealing his true immoral nature and low character.

Hiruma Aziko Earth 2 Willpower 3 Water 2 Perception 4 Fire 2 Intelligence 4 Air 3 Awareness 4 Attacking 3K2 Damage 3K2 TN to hit 20 Armor 5 Weapon Katana Skills- Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, Disguise A quiet reserved man, he divulges little about his past. Given command of the pikemen and ashigaru gunners, few know his secret Ninja identity. Seen as a meek junior officer amongst his haughty, brash, and bossy Hida colleagues, he actually wields considerable power over half the Morikage raiders.

Morikage Emissary Earth 2 Willpower 4 Water 2 Perception 4 Fire 3 Intelligence 5 Air 3 Awareness 5 Attacking 3K2 Damage 3K2 TN to hit 15 Armor - Weapon Katana Skills- Shinobi, Disguise Advantages- Benten's Blessing Dressed in fine silks, he is a man of refinement and persuasion. Where his diplomatic skills end, his considerable finances start. His convincing manner is unrefuseable. Originally from a Ninja family, his Imperial connections are unquestioned.

Goju Akichi Earth 2 Water 2 Fire 3 Air 3 Attacking 1K1 Damage 1K1 TN to hit 15 Armor - Weapon Jitte Skills- Explosives, Shinobi, Disguise Items- Blasting Powder Spells- Shower of Sparks, Shapeshifting Dressed in a golden robe with a high collar, and a fine black silk Obi, this thin, pale figue stands well over 6 feet tall. A Ninja Shugenja, he has knowledge of many useful battle spells.

Hida Soryu The Dragonhunter Earth 7 Water 5 Fire 5 Air 4 Attacking 3K3 Damage 4K3 TN to hit 25 Armor 5 Special Weapon - Dragonsword Items - Healing potion, dragonbane, dragon's egg (nullifies fire spells) Hida Soryu has a breastplate of dragon scales and has dragon claws hanging from his neck. He shies from the company of others and prefers the solitary life. A master of weapons, his cunning and hunting skills are unrivalled. Unlike most Samurai, he rarely bathes. His manners are coarse and maidens are repulsed by him. Nonetheless, his reputation for heroics and fearlessness supercede him.

Hida Nomo The Stone Thrower Earth 2 Water 2 Fire 2 Air 3 Attacking 2K2 Damage 2K2 TN to hit 15 Armor 5 Weapon - Tetsubo Items - Satchel of rocks, throwing stars Hida Nomo throws with unerring accuracy. Horsemen felled by the stones he throws have been killed instantly, and those that are not are enraged by such primitive tactics. He is of low rank, but with his amiable nature he has made many friends, even with the surliest of Crab personalities. He has been searching for his lost brother, but does not have a travel permit for the roads northeast of Kirin Castle.

Hida Tsakai Crab Clan Sensei Earth 2 Water 2 Perception 5 Fire 2 Intelligence 5 Air 4 Attacking 3K3 Damage 3K3 TN to hit 20 Armor - Weapon - Kaiu katana Hida Tsakai is a veteran of the Shadowlands campaign and is physically disabled. Despite the impairment, do not alter his TN to hit. His other characteristics have been reduced, for he is but a shadow of his former might. His keen intellect and combat experience make him an excellent teacher, and he continues to teach at Kirin Castle. Soon he will pass on his Kaiu katana to the most promising bushi initiate. ***Note- it would be a rare event for a family sword to be passed on to another Samurai- however the Kaiu katanas are quite rare and powerful, they belong in the hands of front line warriors fighting in the Shadowlands.

Hida Tokiwa Crab Clan Tactician Earth 3 Water 3 Fire 3 Air 3 Attacking 3K3 Damage 3K3 TN to hit 15 Armor 5 Weapons - Kaiu katana, Tessen Skills - Kenjutsu, Iaijutsu, Battle, Tactician, History Hida Tokiwa has been a guest at Kirin Castle. A messenger arrives with orders to return to Kyuden Hida urgently. A noble of prominence, he has a dark secret and mysterious past. It is unclear whether this will be revealed at Kyuden Hida, or if he is to plan the next campaign against the Shadowlands.

Master of the Heii Dojo Villain Earth 4 Water 4 Fire 4 Air 5 Attacking 3K2 Damage 3K2 TN to hit 25 Armor - (supernatural aura 10) Weapons - Sai 1K1, Poisoned Wakizashi 3K2, Dagger of Iuchiban Items - Flash powder, Cursed scroll The Master of the Heii Dojo is a sinister figure garbed in a black robe. He is balding and has steely penetrating eyes. He is physically strong and has knowledge of various martial arts. He possesses the dagger of Iuchiban which gives him an aura of supernatural protection. Many Samurai who come to his Dojo for the yearly competition mysteriously disappear. Some fall in the competition itself, others are impaled by the deadly traps he has set inside the Dojo itself. Still others satiate the appetite of a White Tiger which prowls the grounds at night.

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