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This adventure begins in the port of Osado where the last of the great Dragonships is being refitted. The captain, Ryo Junho is much feared and reknowned for his cruelty, and a large workforce has been conscripted and forced to effect repairs and re-arm the ship.

In the Crane holdings to the north of Osado, the penalty for piracy is to be boiled alive, and the only way Ryo Junho can attract Ronin to his cause is with substantial sums of gold. Ryo will pay more for characters with seafaring ability or navigational skills, and adventurers of less ability will find his feigned charm to turn to treachery when their services are no longer required.

Ryo is also paying an additional bounty to those with Ninja skills as he needs their knowledge of explosives as well as stealth. He plans to board and capture a cargo ship under cover of darkness and then escort it back to a secret island hideout near Osado. Here he hopes to ambush the adventurer's once they have served his purposes, and keep the wealth to himself and a very few trusted henchmen.

They sail along the coast at midnight, but are exposed when flares and rockets shoot up into the sky near a coastal stronghold. Although the cargo ship is too slow to escape from the Dragonship, the boarding action is met with great resistance and each of the adventurers are forced to duel.

One of the leaders of the Ninja contingent has conspired against Ryo, and at the moment of victory many of Ryo's men are assassinated. The adventurers are again in great peril and only those with jiujitsu skills can expect to escape unwounded from the following hand to hand melee.

Before Ryo Junho reaches his island hideout, he plans to poison the adventurers and keep the gold for himself. He has no plans on sharing his ill gotten gains and every intention of keeping his hideout a secret. By now the adventurers realize they must come up with a plan to seize the cargo ship for themselves before Ryo Junho can eliminate them.

By an elaborate ruse, Ryo offers the adventurers an unrefuseable toast in their honor, poisoned of course...

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