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L5R News


The latest L5R expansion!

Fire and Shadow Spoiler


Legend of the Five Rings: Honor Bound CCG expansion.

L5R Honor Bound Spoiler

Another expansion set for L5R CCG.

Ambition's Debt Spoiler

Looking for rare L5R singles? Then try...

The Imperial Auction Block


The 99 Gen Con Tournament saw a Monk military deck defeat a Monk enlightenment deck in the finals.

Bret Swanson's GenCon 99 Tournament Report

The Duelist online has a new L5R article this month.

Mantis Meth Deck


Check out the L5R card rulings updated Sept. 8

L5R Card Rulings


Wizards have updated their page again!

Wotc Legend of the Five Rings



Clan War news updated November 26th.


SaS Sake House updated May 28th 2000.


New decks added October 1st. The Shootin' Ponies and The Master of Five.


Links updated November 14th. The Pearl Herald and The Ronin Haven.


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